Re: Network hotsync

On Sun, 2005-01-16 at 13:36, Fernando Barcelo wrote:
> Hello, recently Im a hapy user of a Sony Clié UX40

Here's one possibility.  What version of PalmOS does the UX40
run?  Is it 5.2.1?  If so, or even if not, there may be a bug
that requires you to reverse the ordering of the IP address
octets that you enter on the palm netsync setup.  See:

> My desktop have and the ppp assigns to my palm

So, try entering on your palm setup screen.

I'd concentrate on getting pilot-xfer to work, rather than
gnome-pilot.  Once pilot-xfer is working, you can move on
to gnome-pilot.  For help with pilot-xfer you can post to the
pilot-link-general list:

Also, note you might have problems with netsync and gnome-pilot.
If so, there's a patch available:


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