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Hello, recently Im a hapy user of a Sony Clié UX40 I love this unit, i have a very long history of palms before this one (Pilot, Palm Pilot III, Palm Pilot IIIc, PalmOne Tungsten T, and now this one)
But one thing that I dont like of this model is the hotsync-usb cable, it use a standard USB cable wich is a good thing but instead to be connected to the charger base it connects to the pda itself and have a "feels easy broken" protection cap.

Then for the first time i wish to sync my pda by bluetooth, its slow but protects my unit cap.

I found 2 kind of tutorials for make this thing, both of them needs to set up a ppp connection by bluetooth wich I already have configured and then one reccomends to use "pilot-xfer -p net:any -l " for start networking hotsynk and the other one (network hotsync how to uses pi-csd, but no one works for me, I try not only the recommended configurations for the palm side hotsync setup but all ones.
With my current bluetooth-ppp config I already can sync avant go, and have ssh or vnc connections to any internet connected computer, includding my desktop of course, thats because I dont think that the problem is in the bluetooth or ppp stuff.

My desktop have and the ppp assigns to my palm

Can any one give me some clue?

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