Fedora Core 2 crashes conduits (was Re: gInitial sync pickup)

On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 20:14, Roalt dot Com wrote:
> I just installed Fedora Core 2. [......]
> Unfortunately, the 'backup' conduit still crashes after some time (just
> like before in Fedora Core 1). It's unfortunate that not much work is
> put in the gnome-conduits development anymore.

What is the message?
I moved to fc2 (from rh9) last week, and got errors such as:

(process:3112): GLib-CRITICAL (recursed) **: file gstring.c: line 672
(g_string_erase): assertion `pos >= 0' failed

in a couple of conduits.  From a quick googling, it looks like these
errors are due to a glib bug that has been fixed in cvs but didn't make
it into Fedora Core 2.  See:

The patch is visible in cvs:

Patch your rpm or wait for an update...


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