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I would suggest that you apply the patches I posted to the list a few
days ago to pilot-link, gnome-pilot, and gnome-pilot-conduits.  Download
the SRPMS, install them, add the patches I posted to the .spec files,
rpmbuild -bb the .spec files to create the new RPMS, and then install
the RPMS.

What distribution are you running?

On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 15:59, Fernando Barceló wrote:
> Now im having sync problems
> Everytime that I sync the gpilotd crashes when my pilot is showing that
> the Net Libraries are being syncronized.
> What are them?
> Can I delete them from the device?
> It starts to hapennd just after install bejewelled (Or when installing
> it)
> Already sent the notification of the bug to the developers (2 days ago)
> But nobody contacts me.
> Have someone any idea to fix it?
> I already try to uninstall all applications, conduits, delete the device
> and reinstall all again, but nothing is fixed.
> In winshit all works good.
> Any suggestion will be appreciated.
> Thanks

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