Re: Using Gnome Pilot 2.0.9 with Evolution 1.0.5

  It actually works better with my m515 than it did with the old gnome. 
I use evolution for day to day business use at the office and am going
to switch that machine too after seeing it on my desktop.

On Wed, 2003-05-28 at 23:22, Simon Wong wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-05-29 at 12:32, Charles wrote:
> >   I am running the 1.3.92 version of evolution in gnome2 backported from
> > unstable and I must say that it is quite stable.  I simply removed the
> > patches from the evolution 1.3.3 build system and did a little hack
> > substitution and package building was easy.  The worst part of it was
> > finding a couple of packages that were not even in experimental yet...
> I'm using G2 built via Garnome and Evo 1.3x has been included in that. 
> Unfortunately, I've been too nervous to sue it as I rely on evo everyday
> AND I don't want to go through Palm sync hell either.
> I'm guessing that you're using gnome-pilot-conduits 2.0.9 with Evo
> 1.3.92 and it's working okay?

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