Syncing conduits takes a long time...


I used to have a PalmV, and when I used it with Evolution / gpilot,
syncing was rather fast. If I didn't do any change on either the Palm
nor Evo, it was really fast actually.

Now I have a Clié 675, and when I sync, even with no change at all,
gpilot examines every entry in EAddress, ECal and EToDo (for example:
ecalconduit-Message: compare: local=[983228400 -1 'Anniversaire Olivier
Rouche [1976]' ''] remote=[983228400 983228400 'Anniversaire Olivier
Rouche [1976]' '']...

ecalconduit-Message:     equal

Isn't it weird? Doesn't gpilot work with just a kind of diff file? Do I
need to change something?


Alexandre Aractingi <aaractingi libertysurf fr>

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