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Hi (agian) David,
On Wed, 2003-01-15 at 16:27, David A. Desrosiers wrote:

> 	I'm happy to host a gnome-pilot webpage on the domain
> for people who wish to find it, but I too don't have the time to create such
> a page. If someone wants to create a page with updated links and info, I'll
> gladly post it on my site (please make sure the HTML you produce passes an
> HTML validator).
I'm more happy you do so, since it's the most valuable source for
information. But it's rather hard to find your page if one doesn't come
via Getting there demands knowledge of it's exitence.
The problem I intended to mention is that YOUR Page is (now) the
important one, and not the others (eskil, gnome-pilot), but anything on
the web first leads to those pages that are dead-ends.

> > Maybe (only maybe) somhow these dead-ends should be eliminated by
> > redirecting to And there, BTW, is again a link to
> > under "Clickage"
> 	Where should it point instead? The ftp directory on
Yess. All that seems useful over there is in
The HTML-Page is outdated and does not lead to the current stuff.

But I have no Idea yet how to "promote" your page better to avoid people
from getting stuck at or eskil. If something comes to my mind,
you'll be first to know.
'till then

> > Anyway: Again thanks a lot to all who made this Pilot-stuff available and
> > working.
> 	You're very welcome, and thanks for using it and providing feedback.
> d.
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