Re: Re Re: gpilotd not working stable with my Clie SJ30

Hi David, Hi List,
On Wed, 2003-01-15 at 16:19, David A. Desrosiers wrote:
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> > Again, thanks to all and excuse me for asking so much unnecessary
> > questions because things where screwed up in Suse. Fu** ;-)
> 	Did you report your bugs/results to the maintainers of the SuSE
> packages, so that they could address and fix them in the next release? If
> you don't report the issues you find, they will probably not get fixed.
> 	Just because you see a bug, doesn't mean they do.
I would have reported a bug if we (you, me and the list) had managed to
track one down. All I saw was on the list in this and other topics, but
I never managed to work it out. Of course you are right, I should have
reported it, but what could I have told them? and whom? ever tried to
get someone responsible at Suse? I once gave feedback to a
support-database-article, that definitively was wrong and insufficient
to fix a problem (was about installing updates via ftp if the base
install was done by CD before; not a problem in debian as I have learned
;-) ) and didn't even get an answer nor was the article changed after
that. That's suse.
And that's why I'll be with debian in the future.

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