Re: Re Re: gpilotd not working stable with my Clie SJ30

Hi List, especially all who tried to help me in the past weeks.

It seems as if I finally found the ultimative work-around for all
those works-worksnot problems reported by me to this list:

Kick your SuSE 8.1 distribution. Open a Window (one to the real world, 
not one on your desktop) and throw out SUSE !!!!

Then, take a Debian Woody Installation CD and setup that good boy. 
After that, fetch all those little .deb packages you need, get 
the sources for pilot-link_0.11.7 and gnome-pilot_0.1.71 and the 
0.1.71-patch, build pilot-link, build gnome-pilot, set up evolution and 
the pilot in gnome-control-center 1.4.x. 

Then fire up the gnome-pilot-applet on your gnome-panel and hit hotsync 
on your SJ30. 


That simple. I don't know why it did not work with suse, but I'm glad to 
have finally found _my_ distribution. 

Again, thanks to all and excuse me for asking so much unnecessary questions 
because things where screwed up in Suse. Fu** ;-)


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