Re: sync issues with evo 1.2.1

Hi...I did manage somewhow to get my Palm synced somewhat with Evo. I found the best instructions at the Evolution website after doing a search for sync palm.

I have a Serial>USB converter because my laptop doesn't have a serial port so I believe this may have been complicationg the issue. ANyway, on the Evo site it says that if you use a USB device with Evo you have to put the Device setting to Serial not USB. This seems to work albeit, not regularly.

ANother problem is that it doesn't import/sync the Palm address book categories. Anyone know of a solution to this.

It's so frustrating. If Linux programmers have any hope of their OS being accepted by other than the fringe, this simple matter of being able to sync a Palm (hardly new technology)with a good program like Evolution, has to be solved. IMHO no business is going to even consider moving over if they have to leave such things behind.

I realize the challenges, don't get me wrong, I'm not just whining. I support and buy any Linux software that has some use for me and my small business.

Back on it possible for someone in Ximian or Gnome to contact Judd Montgomery, the author of J-pilot. His syncing works. Why reinvent the wheel. He may be amenable to helping out.


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