Re: sync issues with evo 1.2.1

> I have a Serial>USB converter because my laptop doesn't have a serial 
> port so I believe this may have been complicationg the issue.  ANyway, 
> on the Evo site it says that if you use a USB device with Evo you have 
> to put the Device setting to Serial not USB.  This seems to work albeit, 
> not regularly.

	It sounds like you have other problems lurking there.

	1.) What version of gnome-pilot are you using? The latest is 0.1.71,
and you should be running that, and no other. 
	2.) What distribution of Linux is this? Assuming you bought it (as you
stated below), what has the tech-support team offered you for
suggestions when you called them for support? 

	3.) Thousands of people are happily sync'ing their Palm devices with
Evolution, using USB, serial, and IrDA connected Palm handhelds. Perhaps
you have a configuration issue that is preventing your consistant

> ANother problem is that it doesn't import/sync the Palm address book 
> categories.  Anyone know of a solution to this.

	Yes, the solution is to configure it properly. It definately does
syncronize them properly. Have you enabled the conduit to Syncronize,
and not Copy from handheld or Copy from Desktop? 

> It's so frustrating.  If Linux programmers have any hope of their OS 
> being accepted by other than the fringe, this simple matter of being 
> able to sync a Palm (hardly new technology)with a good program like 
> Evolution, has to be solved.

	I think you might be confused. There is no "Linux, Inc." who is trying
to make an OS "acceptable" for the masses, or for desktop use and market
share. There are plenty of Linux companies who would like to create a
workable BUSINESS around that venture, but Linux itself does not exist
for that purpose. It does what it does, and the ONLY thing Linux
guarantees, is that it will consume your time. That's it. If it doesn't
work for you, then try another, and another, and another, or don't use

	Seriously though, ALL of this is done in the SPARE TIME of thousands of
volunteers, who get *ZERO* support from 90% or more of the vendors. We
don't have documentation, APIs, etc. to work from, so we do what we can
to make things work, and when they don't, it takes time to figure out
why. If the linux developers had the infusion of cash and resources that
the commercial counterparts had, it would be much more "polished" than
it currently is. For now, you get what you paid for, which in most
cases, was nothing. 

> IMHO no business is going to even consider moving over if they have 
> to leave such things behind.

	Great. Linux is (and has been for nearly a decade) successful on its
own merits. I personally use it for all my desktop, development, office,
and other work, and have for over a decade, daily. For me, it is much
more successful than the faltering (lackluster) alternatives such as
Windows and Macintosh OSX. Each person has their own opinion, and that
is mine. If Linux works for me, and not a single other person in the
world chose to use it, it is still successful. 

	Remember, the point of linux is to create a "free Unix for PCs", not to
create a competitor to Microsoft or Apple. Linux *COMPANIES* may have
that goal, but the various hundreds-of-thousands of Linux *DEVELOPERS*
do not necessarily share that vision, myself included. 

> I realize the challenges, don't get me wrong, I'm not just whining.  I 
> support and buy any Linux software that has some use for me and my small 
> business.

	Have you helped contribute or motivate those Linux vendors or
developers in a way that helps them prioritize their goals differently
to satisfy your particular needs? Have you even communicated them to the
people who are best suited to help? 

> Back on it possible for someone in Ximian or Gnome to contact 
> Judd Montgomery, the author of J-pilot.  His syncing works.  Why 
> reinvent the wheel.  He may be amenable to helping out.

	J-Pilot, gnome-pilot (and Evolution), K-Pilot, etc. all rely on a core
subset of functions that are provided by pilot-link, a package I
maintain. The maintainers of J-Pilot, gnome-pilot, and pilot-link are
all on irc almost daily at various times, and we all work together to
make sure we don't break anything in each other's packages. Maybe you
should join us there and see if your issues could be solved easily. The
info is on the main website. 


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