sync issues with evo 1.2.1 on RH8.0

I feel better that I am not the only one with issues with respect to the inability to sync a palm with evo on linux (specifically RH 8.0). Also, I can see that others sharing this difficulty have resorted to JPilot as a "backup" solution which I have done as well.

However, I'd really like to get evo working with my palm and aside from numerous references to more lists than one can shake a stick at, I'd like to ask if anyone has experience this particular problem and resolved it. I'd like to understand the diagnostic steps to determine exactly what the problem is and therefore, figure what the resolution would be. Here are the particulars:

- platform: RH 8.0, Gnome 2.0
- evo: 1.2.1
- gpilot: gnome-pilot 0.1.71 and pilot-link 0.11.6
- palm OS: 3.5
- device: Treo 270
- sync info: able to sync up with J-Pilot, able to backup Treo to linux using command-line interface and pilot-xfer
- with evo, fails to make a connection

Any advice and council would be appreciated.


David M. Cvet
401-159 Frederick St., Toronto, Ont. Canada M5A 4P1
CELL:+1 416 726-8314  FAX:+1 416 366-7448

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