Re: Handspring Visor USB and Evolution

On Wed, 2002-09-25 at 15:49, Joseph Ruscio wrote:
> Keith,
> There sure is, but its not necessarily for the faint of heart. As of last 
> week you needed to download the source for and compile the following packages 
> in this order:
> 1. pilot-link 0.11.4
> 2. gnome-pilot 0.1.66
> 3. gnome-pilot-conduits-0.10
> 4. evolution 1.0.8
> I know binaries for a lot of these packages were in process when I did all 
> this so they may be out by now. AFAIK the first evo binary slated to support 
> this is 1.1.2beta. 
> A lot of people have had troubles with building gnome-pilot due to configure 
> leaving a flag out of the makefile, there is info on that in an earlier 
> thread in the mailing list. And you don't know the meaning of DEPENDENCY HELL 
> until you try and compile evolution, but they do include detailed 
> instructions on how to do it, so I guess we can't complain.
> I compiled all the above packages and have evolution syncing to my USB Visor 
> Edge under Mandrake 8.2

I have mine syncing using the earlier versions of these packages from
red carpet, but not exactly the way I'd like to. I have to start gpilotd
from a terminal, then go to my visor and do the sync thing, then kill
gpilotd. If I try to sync a second time, or used gpilotd as a daemon
(they way it's intended to be run), syncing fails.

If I get the various packages/versions you list above, can I use gpilotd
as a daemon, or will I still have to run it, one shot mode, from the
command line?

> Good Luck!
> -Joe
> On Wednesday 25 September 2002 06:14 pm, you wrote:
> > I know this information is out there somewhere, but after searching for
> > it for 2 hours I'm giving up and asking the list.  Is there a way to get
> > Ximian Evolution to work with my USB-based handspring Visor?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Keith
> >
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