mail-inbox conduit?

Hey guys.

I had to work with MS Outlook last weekend. After plugging in my
Handspring USB and hitting the HotSync button on the cradle, outlook
replicated a lot of stuff into the organizer; including my current inbox
and the notes.

My current mailsetup looks like this: evolution with a local imap
server; the Maildir is ~/Maildir/. I'm wondering if one could sync the
inbox (~/Maildir/cur and ~/Maildir/new) into the handheld. As for notes,
evolution doesnt support them, so dont even think about implementing
that (besides, jpilot is fine for notes) 

In a nutshell: I'm wondering if there is a way to replicate the local
mail-inbox to the handheld. 

Oh, forgot to mention: gpilot works fine for everything else
(addressbook, todo-list) - you guys do a great job.

Tilman Klar aka phoen][x
Gentoo Linux Developer

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