Re: pilot-link v0.11 "Ocean's Eleven" release out

I found the problem.  When Cox moved away from @Home as their provider
they had to apply to ARIN for a netblock, which then went to IANA for a
netblock.  IANA took the, at the time "reservered", block and
opened it up.  My firewall script was created to block out "reserved"
netblocks from IANA.  That part of the script hadn't been updated since
the block was opened in 06/2001.

Guess that just goes to show how often I've had to mess with that
firewall since I set it up. :)  381 days and counting.

Chris Tooley

On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 08:27, David A. Desrosiers wrote:
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> > It started working last night.  I wasn't having problems getting to the
> > internet.  I think I was just the unlucky one that was the 51st out of 50
> > users, or whatever the number is.  Looks like the site is getting beat on.
> 	The site is fine, and can handle several thousand users per minute.
> Perhaps you're coming from a host that was blocked due to spam, Nimda, or
> CodeRed attacks? Email me privately with your IP and upstream host IP, and
> I'll look into it.
> d.
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