pilot-link 0.11.1 "Ocean's Eleventy-first" released

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	For those that are wondering, we've released yet another pilot-link
version today, v0.11.1. This is mostly a bugfix release to address some
issues that crept into the 0.11 release from last week.

	We're targeting a 0.11.2 release for next week, around Thursday or
Friday. Ideally we'd like to get two things into the 0.11.2 release:

	1.) Fix the remaining warnings and errors by being pedants and
	    adding -pedantic -Werror -ansi to all of the builds. This should
	    clean up the warnings about variadic functions that we get now,
	    as well as some other issues.

	2.) Initial cut at FreeBSD support, via Anish's patches for libusb.
	    This should give us the functionality we need to talk to the
	    /dev/ugen0 devices on FreeBSD systems, currently.

	Anything additional we can get it (detailed below) before next
	week's targeted release would be great.

	Thanks again to everyone who has contributed so far.

	Here's a short list of what has changed since 0.11.0:

        User Updates
        - pilot-xfer -f didn't work at all in 0.11, fixed.
        - pilot-xfer -f bugfix for non-writable local files
        - read-palmpix now takes arguments for output file type, "-t png" or
          "-t ppm"
        - read-notepad also updated to accept the same argument types

        Development Updates
        - All of the language bindings (Perl, Python, Java, Tcl, Tk, iTcl)
          all default to off, unless specified. If you want to enable them,
          you must use --with-foo, where 'foo' is the binding of your
          choice, such as --with-perl
        - Fixed some of the gcc-related warnings (more to come)
        - Minor Python build fix

        ToDo List for 0.11.2
        User Updates
        - pilot-addresses -T header fix (don't import header into record)
        - pilot-xfer -f fix (support '-f FooDB' as 'FooDB.p{db|rc|qa}
        - pxd, first cut at a pilot-xfer'ized daemon
        - missing manpages corrected
        - pilot-datebook updated to match remaining structure

        Development Updates
        - Fix all remaining -pedantic warnings and errors Update
        - configure.in to handle testing for python-devel installed
          #include <Python.h> int main() {PyObject x; return 0;}
        - Update Java bindings to use Ant instead of {g|n}make
        - Rewrite Perl bindings to take advantage of MakeMaker
        - Add missing DLP 1.2 calls

	Reporting Bugs
	If you find a bug, or would like to request a feature to be added to
	pilot-link, please log into the pilot-link Bug Tracker at:
	http://bugs.pilot-link.org/ and fill out a report. All bugs and
	feature requests will be addressed and attended to.


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