Re: Working, packaged MalSync conduit for AvantGo 3.3?

eskil eazel com writes:
 > If you've still got it, I think its pretty safe to commit it, as the cvs mal
 > conduit
 > is completely fscked up anyways, so it won't make it worse :)

But that goes against everything that I believe in. 

Anyway I've just tried it out and it works fine with my AvantGo 3.1 so
I've commited the new version. 

Please test to see if commited version builds and runs correctly.

 > > was such busy hell for me, that today is actually first time I'm even
 > > checking the mail since mid August. Things should get better soon, but
 > Dude, you need to go on vacation again.

I definately do.


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