Re: Working, packaged MalSync conduit for AvantGo 3.3?

Vadim Strizhevsky wrote:

> Eskil, your memory _is_ playing tricks on you. I've seen it. In fact I even

Well, it had to happen I guess... Unless you people are trying to make me go

> downloaded, installed in my tree and compiled it. However I didn't test
> at a time and I didn't want to commit to CVS untested. But last month

If you've still got it, I think its pretty safe to commit it, as the cvs mal
is completely fscked up anyways, so it won't make it worse :)

> was such busy hell for me, that today is actually first time I'm even
> checking the mail since mid August. Things should get better soon, but

Dude, you need to go on vacation again.


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