Re: Working, packaged MalSync conduit for AvantGo 3.3?

eskil eazel com writes:
 > Frederic Crozat wrote:
 > > I've sent my patch for integration in next version of gnome-pilot-conduits
 > My memory might be playing tricks, but I don't recall seeing those patches.
 > Could you email them again ?

Eskil, your memory _is_ playing tricks on you. I've seen it. In fact I even
downloaded, installed in my tree and compiled it. However I didn't test
at a time and I didn't want to commit to CVS untested. But last month
was such busy hell for me, that today is actually first time I'm even
checking the mail since mid August. Things should get better soon, but 
I not sure when I'll be able to have some time look at it, and at other
gnome-pilot uncommited stuff that I have on my hard disk. So Eskil, if 
you have more time now go ahead. 


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