Re: Bug syncing recurring events

Alan Shutko wrote:

> > I have no clue as for the evolution question.
> I've noticed that the evolution conduit seems to have the same
> problem... I don't think the display does.  You should be able to
> apply the appropriate hunk of the patch, or I can create one against
> evolution.

Dude, I just checked your patch :

static GtkWidget *
make_numbered_menu (struct numbered_item *items, int sel)
        GtkWidget *option_menu, *menu;
        int i, history = 0;

        option_menu = gtk_option_menu_new ();
        menu = gtk_menu_new ();

        for (i = 0; items[i].text; i++) {
                GtkWidget *item;

                item = gtk_menu_item_new_with_label (_(items[i].text));
                gtk_object_set_user_data (GTK_OBJECT (item), &items[i]);
                gtk_menu_append (GTK_MENU (menu), item);
                gtk_widget_show (item);

                if (items[i] == sel)
                    history = i;

This last if, shouldn't that have been :
            if (items[i].num == sel)
Without even understanding wtf is going on, comparing the structure
just looks bad.


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