Re: time setting conduit?

"Dwight D. McKay" wrote:

> Thanks to all for the CVS location. I built the mal conduit and it works fine.
> The only thing missing now from PilotManager (which I used to use) is a time
> sync conduit. Is there one out there?
> If not, which conduit should I use as a starting point for writing one?

This has actually be brought up quite  a few times.

The problem here is, that there isn't really a db that gets called for the
time, except for unsaved-preferences db, which gets called every time.

So theres two options; hack the feature into gpilotd, or create a conduit
for "Unsaved Preferences", based on the sendmail conduits (in
gnome-pilot/conduits/sendmail/), that does the trick.


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