Re: time setting conduit?

On Thu, Oct 19, 2000 at 08:37:33PM -0700, eskil eazel com wrote:
> Oh yeah, this should definitely be an option. Espicially since
> my pilot is mostly correct whereas my computer timetravels
> everytime it enters suspend. (laptops blow).

On my laptop, I run apmd, which uses the CMOS clock to keep track of the
time while the laptop is suspended.  Presuming the clock in your laptop is
good, you shouldn't have any problems.

On the time sync topic, I would actually like the ability to sync the time
from the pilot, too.  I sync with several different computers, of which
one keeps time via NTP while the others gradually drift and have to be
reset periodically.  Carrying the time from the NTP computer to the other
two via my palm would be nice.

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