Re: USB visor cradle

> Yeah, I browsed the source and saw that it tries to enumerate the
> Visors by parsing /proc/bus/devices .  I'll see if I can get gpilotd
> to spit out some info.

	I heard, and continue to use this great explanation: 

	"The USB cradle is nothing more than an 'extension cord' for the
         Palm itself. Once you hit the Hotsync button, the cord is
         'plugged in', and the USB protocol can now talk to the device
         (the Palm itself, not the extension cord)."

	The device is the Palm, not the cradle, and the device (just like
any other USB device) is not recognized until it's plugged in and
connected (i.e. you hit the Hotsync button, causing a mechanical

	Hope that helps. 

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