Re: USB visor cradle

Christian Pearce wrote:
> Okay.  From what I understand when you hit the hotsync button it will
> create device on the file and in the proc file system.  gpilotd will look
> for the proc filesystem.  So you should use the capplet or druid as you
> would normally use a Palm.
> Have you tried restarting the gpilotd in a terminal window and looking at
> the debugging info it reports?

Yeah, I browsed the source and saw that it tries to enumerate the Visors
by parsing /proc/bus/devices .  I'll see if I can get gpilotd to spit
out some info.

BTW, who runs this list?  Perhaps it would be desirable to set the
reply-to to point back at the list in the Mailman config?  :)

 -- Jeremy

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