Re: USB visor cradle

"David A. Desrosiers" wrote:

>         I heard, and continue to use this great explanation:
>         "The USB cradle is nothing more than an 'extension cord' for the
>          Palm itself. Once you hit the Hotsync button, the cord is
>          'plugged in', and the USB protocol can now talk to the device
>          (the Palm itself, not the extension cord)."

I've read that exact same explanation, and I totally understand this. 
:)  The latest CVS source connects to the visor fine, anyway.  The
problem now is that with the stuff I compiled, the applet doesn't fire
up gpilotd as it should...  It sits there and tries to talk to it, but
never starts it up.  If I start it up myself, then the applet can't find

 -- Jeremy

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