Re: USB visor cradle

OK, so I hit sync on the visor, then run gpilotd:

  gpilotd-Message: gnome-pilot 0.1.54 starting...
  gpilotd-Message: compiled for pilot-link version 0.9.4
  gpilotd-Message: Using GOAD

  gpilotd-WARNING **: Number of devices is configured to 0

  gpilotd-WARNING **: No accessible devices available

  gpilotd-WARNING **: Number of pilots is configured to 0
  gpilotd-Message: Activating server

Then I run pilot_applet, and it starts the druid.  gpilotd says:

  gpilotd-Message: gpilotd: corba: get_pilots(...)

I step through the druid.  When it gets to the point where it tries to
get my userid off the visor, it never gets any results, and eventually
the visor gives up on the sync and I cancel the druid.  This is
gpilotd's output when it's trying to read my userid:

  gpilotd-Message: corba: gpilotd_corba_pause(true)
  gpilotd-Message: corba: gpilotd_corba_pause(false)
  gpilotd-Message: Rereading configuration...
  gpilotd-Message: Watching Cradle (/dev/pilot)
  gpilotd-Message: gpilotd: corba:
  gpilotd-Message: gpilotd: assigned handle num 1

I'll grab the latest code in CVS (with the latest pilot-xfer) and play
with it, to see what it's doing.  Has anyone actually had success with a
USB visor here?

 -- Jeremy

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