More questions about installing gnome-pilot on RH6.1

Thank you for your help so far, but I'm still stuck.

Now, when I start gpilotd-control-applet as root, I go through a few
questions, but when I finally press the sync button on my Palm Vx nothing

I have created a link /dev/pilot pointing to /dev/ttyS0.

The dialog in front of me has a "next" button that is greyed out, but when
I press return I move to a screen that says installation complete or
something similar. (I assume this is a small GUI bug).

This works:
[root@gbg2 /dev]# addresses /dev/cua0 

here I get the addresses in my adressbok when I press hotsync.

when I try addresses as a normal user I only get 

pi_bind: Permission denied

When I as a user starts gpilotd-control-applet, it complains about read
write permissions on /dev/pilot.

Why does not gpilotd-control-applet get contact with my palm, and how do I
resolve the permission problems (Of course, I want to use gnome_pilot as a
normal user).

Can someone help me?

/Lars L

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