Re: pilot nits

Raph Levien wrote:

> Overall lack of docs / poor docs

Overall lack of time.

> Running gpilotd disables lower-level pilot-link capabilities. This is
> probably a pilot-link problem rather than a gnome-pilot issue - there
> should be a way for the low level utils to know whether a demon is
> running.

The problem is, that I bind to the serial port and use the gtk_main_loop
awake once there's some action going down. The bind prevents other apps
from using the port. This is why the daemon has hooks to temporary unbind
the port. You can access these by using the Pause/Unpause function in the

> Confusing config options. I get it now, but it's not intuitive for new
> users.

Yeah, they suck.

> GnomeCal conduit launches gnomecal. Irritating.

Thats because gnomecal is also the calendar corba server. Bad design
from day one. Evolution will not have this problem I hope.

> No todo conduit.

No TinySheet conduit either, nor a iSilo Free or IOU conduit. There's
a lot of conduits that haven't been written yet.

> GnomeCal sync has serious problems with deleted entries. Delete an
> entry on the palm, it probably won't delete on gnomecal. I think there
> are other issues here as well - I managed to get a duplicate listing.

Hrm,  it's known that deleting in gnomecal would delete on the palm,
again, because
gnomecal has some serious issues for syncing. But the other way should not

be a problem, unless you configured the conduit to behave that way.

Jvf the FAQ, set the pilot to "Use conduit settings", and the individual
conduits you'll most
likely want to set to "Synchronize".

> GnomeCalendar and GnomeCard conduits show up in gnomecc even when
> gnome-pilot-conduit is not installed.

They're packaged in gnome-pim-conduits.

> HotSync when gnome-pilot-conduit is not installed pops up error windows
> for unknown conduit (sorry, don't remember the exact message).

That can be caused by an installation error. How did you configure
and gnome-pim ?

> GnomeCard conduit selects ~/MyPilot/Address.gcrd as the default card
> location, while gnomecard doesn't see that file unless you open it
> explicitly.

Yeah, that actually sucks.

> Address.gcrd has an empty card in it, not shown on the pilot.


> So, overall, I was disappointed with the number of rough edges. Yet, I
> do think I will be using this. It's a fun toy!

Well, if I didn't feel there were rough edges, it wouldn't be 0.1.xx, but
at least
0.[2-9].xx. It needs a lot of loving, but these days Eazel is keeping me
busy, and
I haven't done much gnome-pilot maintainence, other then save it from evil

people that have been comitting broken stuff into it.


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