Re: 0.1.43 memo conduit question?

> Question

1.  I do not have a problem with the speed setting.

2.  On the Gnome Control Center, PalmPilot, Pilot Link, Synchronize Action
setting of Synchronize.  It doesn't sync my memo dir but rather removes all the
memo just from the dir and not the Pilot (a good thing).

3.  When I set the Synchronize Action to "Use conduit settings" and the Memo
File conduit is set to "Sychronize", then it copies the memos from the Pilot to
the specified directory.

4.  My QUESTION is, if I delete or modify a file in my memo dir,  is it suppose
to remove/modify  the file on the Pilot?  I've tried different speeds and no
luck with that?  Please advise...

Thanks in advance,

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