Re: ORBit thread safe ? was Re: gpilotd & corba

On Sat, 26 Sep 1998, Eskil Heyn Olsen wrote:

> On Tue, 22 Sep 1998, Manish Vachharajani wrote:
> > > g_list_try_lock(GList*) and g_list_unlock(GList*), which uses a ghashtable
> > > for matching pthreads mutexes with glists (and other g_things). 
> > This seems like a good idea.  I think that datasets in glib should let us
> > do this easily, but i am not sure.
> Humm, I haven't used them before, I'll try a shot at them.

Haven't looked too closely at them either.  From what I gather they may be
like tuple spaces without atomicity, just coupling of data items :).
> > > Perhaps there already is such a set of methods ? If not, it might be
> > > generic enough for other uses.
> > I am not sure how useful the locks would be though, in glib.
> Not nessecary in glib, but a library that eases locking of lists. Anyone
> who is going to write multithreaded gnome applications will have to do
> some sort of locking.

Possibly a set of functions that will lock a pointer may be useful, but
remeber the glist pointer itself can change when the head is removed or
an element is added to the front of the list.  Actually, how do you plan
to work around this with the current set of lock functions?  What will be
your reference for the list?  Someone should be able to do multiple list
ops between a lock and an unlock.

> > signal the parent as to which queued elements it processes.  Remeber, we
> > need to know exactly which queued elements, because a sync could be
> Unless we also want to this signalling by corba, the child could simply
> write the requesthandle to a pipe after completion, thus keeping
> cancelled/interrupted requests. 

If the CORBA stuff isn't too much of a pain, it sounds ok to me.
I will be starting a gncal conduit.  I really need one right now, so I
think I am going to have to make it my top priority.  It should save me
some time after it is done.

> > > (btw, having been bartending 10 hours last night, I think I safely can say
> > > I won't be touching much corba stuff this weekend).
> > :).  Well at least you had fun.  I have been trying to read through 8
> Fun, yeah the first 5 hours, the last 5 went a bit slow, and the 2 hours
> of cleaning the place, well, I would have preferred sleeping right then.
> If I at least got paid, it might be ok.

Ugh, no pay !?!?!

> > chapters in a book on switching theory since the professor is going to
> Circuitry ?

Yep, sort of.  Switching theory for combinational logic circuts. 
Sequential systems refer to finite state automata, or FSMs.  I don't know
if I have mentioned this before but this I am a first year PhD student at
Princeton University in Electrical Engineering.  I am primarily interested
in Analog integrated circuit design and test, high level and layout level
power estimation for VLSI chips, and parallel digital test generation for
my research. I am also interested in many other things of course :).

The email address is a nice carry over from my days at Rutgers
since it is likely to not go away and so I use it for development and
other things so many people don't have to remeber my ever changing

Manish Vachharajani

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