Re: ORBit thread safe ? was Re: gpilotd & corba

On Tue, 22 Sep 1998, Manish Vachharajani wrote:

> > g_list_try_lock(GList*) and g_list_unlock(GList*), which uses a ghashtable
> > for matching pthreads mutexes with glists (and other g_things). 
> This seems like a good idea.  I think that datasets in glib should let us
> do this easily, but i am not sure.

Humm, I haven't used them before, I'll try a shot at them.

> > Perhaps there already is such a set of methods ? If not, it might be
> > generic enough for other uses.
> I am not sure how useful the locks would be though, in glib.

Not nessecary in glib, but a library that eases locking of lists. Anyone
who is going to write multithreaded gnome applications will have to do
some sort of locking.

> signal the parent as to which queued elements it processes.  Remeber, we
> need to know exactly which queued elements, because a sync could be

Unless we also want to this signalling by corba, the child could simply
write the requesthandle to a pipe after completion, thus keeping
cancelled/interrupted requests. 

> > (btw, having been bartending 10 hours last night, I think I safely can say
> > I won't be touching much corba stuff this weekend).
>:).  Well at least you had fun.  I have been trying to read through 8

Fun, yeah the first 5 hours, the last 5 went a bit slow, and the 2 hours
of cleaning the place, well, I would have preferred sleeping right then.
If I at least got paid, it might be ok.

> chapters in a book on switching theory since the professor is going to

Circuitry ?


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