Re: Spool dir

On Sun, 20 Sep 1998, Manish Vachharajani wrote:

> Ok, if you want to do this, probably put the stuff in
> ~/.gnome/gnome-pilot.d/queues-<gpilotd pid> or something, how does that
> sound?  This dir can store the moved files as well as the non-immediate

I do not think the dir should contain the pid, the though behind storing
non-immediate requests was to let them survive a daemon shutdown, which
would change the pid.

Is the directory .gnome a hardcoded will-allways-be-there thing in gnome ?
And can you safely use it, or is it configured at some level and you have
to call some method for it (can't find any though).

Then we could settle on ~/.gnome/gnome-pilot.d/queues/$PILOT_ID/


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