Re: Building gnome-pilot

On Sat, 19 Sep 1998, Eskil Heyn Olsen wrote:

> > with threads is, what about portability?  How widespread is POSIX threads.
> > I will be happy if it works reasonably on the following OSes
> Adressing each OS I've tried:
> 	- linux, threads were soddy a year or two back, people
> 	say it is ok now.
> 	- Solaris, they rock.
> 	- AIX, they suck. Well, we encountered a lot of sigsegvs that
> 	appeared to be caused by fault memory allocation when threading.  
> And I know that FreeBSD has pthreads support.
> I don't know about others, but if they have thread support, it should
> be pthreads, and if not, I doubt thats the only problem there will in
> porting the stuff. (and is it a unix that people will be installing
> gpilotd on ?)
> I think threading should be limited to a thread for pilot operations
> and a thread for corba calls. That way orb calls won't delay a sync. 
> Also, then a pilot should be marked as busy, so that a request_for_*
> on that pilot reesults in a BUSY error.

Ok, I agree with the first these statments.  Not doing the BUSY thing will
make the implementation very difficuly.

> > /var/spool/$USER and not in the users home dir?  I would prefer the users
> > home dir, but we had this discussion and I don't remember the outcome.
> We sort of halfway agreed on letting the global version use
> /var/spool/gpilotd/USER, and the local in .gnome/gnome-pilot.d/.

Ok, I vaguely remember.  I guess if I agreed I had some reason at the time
so lets just do it this way.  Oh yeah, we will also need the child to
parent queue management stuff since we will have to fork for permissions.

> > If you can do it in one quick commit, meaning one or two days, do it in
> > the main branch.  If the work will span weeks, or take multiple commits
> > make a branch.  I will try to add global support for what we have now this
> I doubt it'll be quick, so I'll create branch for that development.


> eskil
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