Re: Control center and conduits

On Fri, 18 Sep 1998, Manish Vachharajani wrote:

First of, I think using capplets for properties would be Ok. The current
properties programs are gnome dependent anyway.

> Well, we don't make them capplets because the current pilot config stuff
> doesn't handle multiple pilots.  The properties programs need to handle
> multiple pilots.  I don't know if they currently do or not, but they

They do. They take the pilot_id as commandline argument.

> programs in capplet mode, but how would the admin tool call them then when
> dealing with multiple pilots?  Or will we make the control center stuff

Thats another problem, since the admin tool can't call run_configuration
without "instantiating" the conduit, and that requires giving it a
pilot_id as argument, which then ties that conduit to the given pilots
config. So the tool has to use all sorts of tricks, first loading all
conduits to get a list, destroying them and the reinstantiate when people
want to config.

> decide which methods the conduit supports. It seems a little pointless to
> have run_configuration though so maybe we should just remove it.  What
> does everyone think?

Well, the only good that run_configuration does right now, is deciding of
the exec name to execute, but could be done with desktop entries in a
special conduits dir.


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