Control center and conduits

I just checked out the control center stuff for the Pilot.  It looks
really cool.  

Maybe we should require that the property managers for the conduits be
control center applets like mike suggested.  The desktop entries can call
a wrapper program with the conduit name and it will exec the correct
program by calling the run_configuration method of the named conduit. This
would just require the run_configuration conduit method to directly exec
instead of forking first.  Of course, if forking a control applet program
from an intermediary isn't a problem then we shouldn't need to change
anything, execpt the conduit specific properties program.  In order to get
a consistent feel for all the common conduit settings, we could provide a
default widget that everyone should inherit, this will give us all the
common behaviour.  What do people think? 

Manish Vachharajani

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