Re: Building gnome-pilot

On Thu, 17 Sep 1998 11:20:26 -0400 (EDT), <> wrote:
> > Also I will try the method of creating .REQ files somewhere, that we
> > discussed some time back, to ensure requests survice a gpilotd kill.
> These should probably go in a hidden directory where user files are
> spooled.  Did we ever finally decide on where spooled files go?  Why in
> /var/spool/$USER and not in the users home dir?  I would prefer the users
> home dir, but we had this discussion and I don't remember the outcome.

/var/spool/$USER is the worst possible place. If you are planning to create a
spool directory of the notion of mail spools and news spools, then make it
/var/spool/gpilot/$USER. If you are more of a qmail mind frame than a sendmail
mind frame then make it $HOME/gpilot.


                Bryan C. Andregg * <> * Red Hat Software

"So hang the brand-name ego at the door and think about what I'm saying" -
	Peter Da Silva

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