Some minimal guideline on how to use gnome-os-list

hi everyone;

given that this list has been announced on desktop-devel, and a lot of
people are going to join to see what the fuss about gnome-os is all
about, I thought it would be nice to lay down some minimal guideline
on the scope and role of this mailing list.

the gnome-os mailing list is dedicated to coordinate the effort that
Allan has so clearly described in his blog post[0], as well as the
action items that were identified during the GNOME OS BoF session at
GUADEC 2012[1].

I know everyone wants to contribute to the ongoing discussion, and
trust me: there's a lot left to discuss; nevertheless, it would be
greatly appreciated by everyone involved in the GNOME project, as well
as everyone reading this mailing list, if we kept to a civil
discourse, to concrete proposals, and to actionable items.

let's try and avoid bikeshedding and architecture astronauts and, more
importantly: let's avoid flames. we can get stuff done much more
quickly - and nothing changes the mind of people working on something
more than existing code/design/resources.

obviously, the Code of Conduct[2] applies - this is a
mailing list, after all.

thanks to everyone for the collaboration, and let's make GNOME rock once again!




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