Re: Gnome Office, Bonobo and other apps

Le mer 10/03/2004 à 10:27, msevior physics unimelb edu au a écrit :
> > Le mer 10/03/2004 à 08:26, Hubert Figuiere a écrit :
> >>  For that we need the application to be able to provide a SVG
> >> view of the embedded object... Problem: we don't support SVG yet.
> >
> > Providing a SVG view will be easy for gnome apps, since gnome-print has
> > a svg backend (only cvs version).
> Dom has done great work getting the svg backend for gnome-print. Although
> what he has now is more a proof of concept. Dom ran across some absolutely
> fundamental limitations of gnome-print doing this. The SVG printing only
> works for Latin-1 charsets at this point.
> We also need to print the svg's. I guess this is some sort of svg ->
> translation.
> There is a lot of code on the internet that goes part-way to doing this
> but I guess Dom and the gnome-print guys have their own plans...
> Care to enlighten us Dom, Jody?
> > For Bonobo, I think we need a specialized interface which would provide
> > everything necessary, in particular svg and serialization (might be
> > IDL:Bonobo/OfficeComponent:1.0. IMHO the IDL:Bonobo/PersistStream:1.0 is
> > not the best thing. An interface which would ensure an xml stream would
> > be much better.
> >
> So is the idea we get an SVG and an XML representation of document via
> this interface?


> This is eaxctly the idea we (or at least me) have been thinking of.
> Cheers,
> Martin



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