Re: GO Website

Op do 08-07-2004, om 01:35 schreef Mark Gilbert:
> On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 19:27, Marc Maurer wrote:
> > Hi there GO-Hackers,
> > 
> > The current GO-site is really really starting to irritate me (no,
> > really). So, I just got myself a gnome-cvs account, and I'm planing on
> > updating it myself (if no-one objects that is).
> > 
> And by "myself", for those who weren't involved and are probably going
> "what the...", he means himself with the help of ryan, trelane (for
> gnumeric stuff if needed), charlieg (in his sparse moments of free
> time), and me (in my sparse moments of free time, but not really).

of course... sorry for my wording

> > Point of discussion (and we should keep this really really really
> > short): which site to take? I can fill in content, but I terribly suck
> > at html/css/whatever.
> No which site.  Establish what's good about everything that's been
> proposed, establish what's not so good about everything that's been
> proposed, establish what needs to be addressed which hasnt been by any
> proposed, and commit the best permutation of all available options,
> including those that haven't been brought up yet as time permits.
> Trying to pick a single proposed site is the exact opposite of how to
> get this done, and in cvs.  That implies relying on a single person,
> who's presumably mortal and doesn't have control over life's little
> twists.  You can see how far that's gotten us (noone's fault, just an
> unfortunate situation).

fair enough, but we need a starting point. What will we start with?

> Rather than trying to make everybody happy and establish The Site In
> It's Immutable Glory in one fell swoop, let's focus on getting real,
> tangible material in cvs.  Doesn't even have to be 'public' (in the
> sense of where Uraeus' site is now), just there for everybody to work
> with.



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