Re: GO Website

On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 19:35, Mark Gilbert wrote:
> > Any proposals?
> Er, see above.

Oh, I did forgot one other thing.  When making design decisions and
whatnot, while nobody has to feel constrained to what's already on (or dgo, for the dev content), _all else being equal_, it
doesn't hurt to be consistent with GNOME.  This is, after all, GNOME
Office, not just GO (as someone wisely pointed out on irc).  This
doesn't mean we need to match precisely by any means, just something to
keep in mind [so no, a dark gothic decor would probably not be
considered consistent with GNOME (-: ]

Just a little food for thought, food that doesnt matter as much as
getting real material really in cvs, for real.


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