Re: GO Website

Marc Maurer wrote:

Op do 08-07-2004, om 01:35 schreef Mark Gilbert:
On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 19:27, Marc Maurer wrote:
Hi there GO-Hackers,

The current GO-site is really really starting to irritate me (no,
really). So, I just got myself a gnome-cvs account, and I'm planing on
updating it myself (if no-one objects that is).

And by "myself", for those who weren't involved and are probably going
"what the...", he means himself with the help of ryan, trelane (for
gnumeric stuff if needed), charlieg (in his sparse moments of free
time), and me (in my sparse moments of free time, but not really).

of course... sorry for my wording

Point of discussion (and we should keep this really really really
short): which site to take? I can fill in content, but I terribly suck
at html/css/whatever.
No which site.  Establish what's good about everything that's been
proposed, establish what's not so good about everything that's been
proposed, establish what needs to be addressed which hasnt been by any
proposed, and commit the best permutation of all available options,
including those that haven't been brought up yet as time permits.

Trying to pick a single proposed site is the exact opposite of how to
get this done, and in cvs.  That implies relying on a single person,
who's presumably mortal and doesn't have control over life's little
twists.  You can see how far that's gotten us (noone's fault, just an
unfortunate situation).
fair enough, but we need a starting point. What will we start with? has a zip of my starting point.  I'm super
willing to adapt it, but I've got a nice structure (Main Projects,
Associate Projects) that I think we can work with, and some (IMHO)
written copy that might serve us well.  I'll grub up my SVG's so that
everyone can join in the fun.  Remember, though, that WinIE doesn't like
transparent PNG's at all without some freaky stuff, so be wary.

(EDIT: I meant to send this 2 days ago, but my connection's been odd and outgoing email hasn't worked. If someone could grab my zip and commit it as a tagged branch on the test bed, that would be nifty. Letting me know off-list what the tag is is cool with me. Thanks!)


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