Re: GO Website

On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 19:48, Marc Maurer wrote:
> fair enough, but we need a starting point. What will we start with?

I won't venture to make a specific assertion about that, since I'm too
busy to follow up with action.  Regardless, when all is said and done,
that's still up to the first person to commit.  Naturally you want to
work with everyone and not against them, just please don't get caught up
looking for the best place to start.

I would say, unzip ryan's site, wget charlie's site, and focus on those
(there are tasty bits from oliver's and the rest, the former two just
happen to be the most recent).  Just pick bits and pieces and make your
own starting point (we have that luxury by not replacing Uraeus' site
this very second).  If you start from a banner, a link to, and
an FDL/OC notice at the bottom of the page, it's still something to
start from.  The worst that can happen is that you totally change your
mind later on and make changes accordingly.



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