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On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 22:22, Alan Horkan wrote:
> Sorry, interesting idea but I really dont like how it turned out.
> Using the Gnome foot for the letter G is a little confusing and
> using teh Gnome foot backwards for the letter O is completely baffling.

The problem is that I know it's a G and O, hence it looked fine when I
was doing it.  But will somebody who doesn't know of GO (or even what
Gnome is) look at it and be baffled?  Um, probably.  Does that matter
much?  Arguably not.  They'll find out eventually and what other letter
propends to -ffice to make a word.  (Not that I'm advocating a we take a
care-free approach on the matter.)

> > >
> >
> > The icon is really cute though :)
> This however I do like.
> That there is more than one foot suggests to me some sense of it being a
> collection (but I'm probably reading too much into it).

Well it is a collection of software that is oriented around (but not
necessarily requiring [1]) the Gnome platform.

[1] It'd be really cool if all of GO was cross platform.  Abiword
already is and Gnumeric is heading that way.  It'd be amazing to be able
to drop in a LiveCD of GO and load up GO apps in Windows, just to show
off what people are missing without scaring them by booting into a Linux
- Charlie

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