Re: GO logo

Don't know what the powers that be would like, but the topic icon I made
for use with GNOME Office stories on FootNotes is available here:

Blown up in a wallpaper: 



On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 13:56, Charles Goodwin wrote:
> Here's a thought on the logo for GO.
> If you look at the Gnome foot, it's a little like a G.  And, if
> horizontally flipped, it'll look a little like an O.  So, two feet,
> side-by-side or slightly offset (footsteps) will look like 'GO'.  And
> you could optionally follow them with the rest of the text (ie -nome
> -ffice).
> Advantages to this approach would be:
> - identifiable with Gnome
> - a Gnome-associated metaphor (the second foot! footsteps!)
> - lots of foot-art already available
> - simple
Luke Stroven <gnome ms3 riverview net>

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