Re: GO logo

On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 20:23, Luke Stroven wrote:
> Don't know what the powers that be would like, but the topic icon I made
> for use with GNOME Office stories on FootNotes is available here:
> Blown up in a wallpaper:
> SVG:

That is excellent but... it's the Gnome logo, with a dash of colour. 
Which isn't much good for the colour-blind. ;)

I do like it though, I do like the splash of colour.  That gives a
subtle comparison to MS Office.

I've done some edits on the above svg which I'll email you privately. 
If you could put them online it'd be appreciated.  (My webspace is
currently dead in the water!)
- Charlie

The future of the net -

Charles Goodwin <charlie xwt org>
  Member of the XWT Foundation

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