Re: We're removed from FC2 ?

On 01/30/04 09:26:06, Jody Goldberg wrote:
> Fake Bureaucracy--it's better than the real thing!

Not to be negative but what would that change or accomplish ?  We're
all discussing things informaly now.

That was the point!  Perfect, yes?

How about someone looking into writing a up a shared document
metadata framework ?  There are lots of simple ways we can start to
pull things together.  Lets grab some low hanging fruit.

Yes, that could be useful too...ok, better than what I had.

How about another near-pointless road map? Leave the details for people with CVS access.

V.v:  Primary Target
1.2:  Clean and perfect data exchange.
1.4:  Embedded-level integration.
1.6:  Cross-application level integration.
1.8:  Cross-platform basic functionalty.
2.0:  Fully all dat chit.

Broad plans, details, implementation....

/me gets back to two newsletters.


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