Conglomerate 0.7.11 Released

Conglomerate is a free, user-friendly XML editor. It is particularly
aimed at DocBook, but should be able to handle any XML document type.

This is still an unstable release; there are still some known repeatable
crash bugs. Please download it and test that no new bugs have been

You can download it from the usual place:

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this release; my apologies if
I missed anyone from the credits below.

      * New translations: no (Kjaartan Marass), fr (Alban Browaeys), sq
        (Laurent Dhima)
      * Updated translations: cs (Miloslav Trmac), es (Francisco Javier
        F. Serrador), nl (Daniel van Eeden), no (Kjartan Maraas), pt
        (Duarte Loreto), sr/sr Latn (Danilo Ĺ egan), 
      * The File->New assistant now has a "Random Document" plugin,
        which is both great fun, and good for testing. If you select
        this, you reach a page where you can select a document type from
        those available (based on the dispspec files loaded). You can
        also specify a "depth" which is used to give an idea of how deep
        the document's tree should be. If a DTD is available,
        Conglomerate will try to ensure that the document is valid
        against that DTD. It also generates random text, to really push
        the unicode support (it generates random strings using most of
        the full range of Unicode). (me) 
      * If a DTD if found, the DTD tab of the Properties dialog for a
        node now has a "content model" view, showing the valid child
        elements that are allowed by the DTD in a tree form. (me)
      * First attempt at a "Find" dialog; improving this and the
        "Replace" dialog would make great jobs for programmers wanting
        to get involved. (me)
      * Big rewrite of the plugin code with the aim of eventually moving
        over to libgnomeoffice's framework. Plugins contain services of
        various kinds; everything is now a GObject subclass. (me)
      * The "--enable-printing" configuration option no longer requires
        libfo; this is now enabled separately with a new
        "--enable-libfo" option (me)
      * Change template code to use a <cong:template> element (Jeff
      * Toolbar now has a "New Document" button (Daniel van Eeden)
      * Internal improvements to GUI button sensitivity logic (Paul

      * Fix bug #130820 (me)
      * Fixed crash when loading file without a dispspec with no
        extension in its filename (me)
      * Fixed a bug in the template code (Daniel Larson)
      * Fixes for C99ism build problems on gcc-2.95.4 (Geert Stappers)
      * Fixed whitespace issues in the README files (David Hoover)
      * Various build fixes, including disabling gtk-doc for now (Geert)
      * Added a couple of DocBook tags to the display specification
        (Daniel Larsson)
      * Added a template file for display specifications to the examples
        subfolder (Boris Goldowsky)

David Malcolm

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