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Hello David,

On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 04:23, David Bolack wrote:
> Gnome Office Mk II
> Project Goals
>   o Tightly integrated and cooperating Gnome technology office products

Integration is, and will be, improving. It mostly boils down to source
code, the more is written, the better. If more people write, it probably
gets done faster :)

>   o Single Source Install system

I don't think this is reasonable, really. The way it should be is
cooperation of working, not tying one to the other.

>   o Coordinated major updates and releases

This has happened once, already, and will happen more times, hopefully!

>   o Unified face to the press.

Yes, we need to improve the web page, for instance.

>   o Write some damned fine code.
>   o Cooperatively produced documentation possibly for print.
> How do we get there?
>   o Focus
>          Currently there are too many, and in some cases competing, 
> projects in the mix. We need to dial it down a notch and focus on core 
> office projects. To this end, we should trim down to the following active 
> projects: Abiword, GnomeDB, Planner, and Gnumeric.  The other projects are 
> either inactive, too general purpose, or too differently purposed and are 
> better suited as standalone or as part of a suite designed for their 
> tasks.  Someone should take up the baton and assemble the publishing and/or 
> web oriented projects into their own bundles.

If you search in the archive, there has been some discussion about this
already, I don't remember if we ever reached a final conclusion, but
IIRC it was something simmilar to that, but with a little more.

>   o Fill Deficiencies
>          We need a presentation project, a good PIM ( preferably one with 
> good integration into the popular Gnome Email clients ), and possibly a 
> report generator/graphing system. Good additions would include a smart 
> dictionary downloader, thesaurus, and possibly a grammar tool.

The PIM part is covered by Evolution starting to be a GNOME 2.6 official

AbiWord had a dictionary download, but that was proven unreasonable and
too complicated. Dictionaries belong to the distribution maker, and
AbiWord uses enchant, which wraps around "whatever" the preferred
dictionary is.

AbiWord has a thesaurus (AikSaurus) although it might need maintenance.

Grammar tools are VERY complicated to do, specially since languages are
all so different from each other...

Hugs and welcome, Rui

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