I have been described by peers as a project instigator and provocateur. With that in mind....

Gnome Office Mk II

Project Goals
 o Tightly integrated and cooperating Gnome technology office products
 o Single Source Install system
 o Coordinated major updates and releases
 o Unified face to the press.
 o Write some damned fine code.
 o Cooperatively produced documentation possibly for print.

How do we get there?
 o Focus
Currently there are too many, and in some cases competing, projects in the mix. We need to dial it down a notch and focus on core office projects. To this end, we should trim down to the following active projects: Abiword, GnomeDB, Planner, and Gnumeric. The other projects are either inactive, too general purpose, or too differently purposed and are better suited as standalone or as part of a suite designed for their tasks. Someone should take up the baton and assemble the publishing and/or web oriented projects into their own bundles.

 o Fill Deficiencies
We need a presentation project, a good PIM ( preferably one with good integration into the popular Gnome Email clients ), and possibly a report generator/graphing system. Good additions would include a smart dictionary downloader, thesaurus, and possibly a grammar tool.

 o Cooperate
We're dependant on a few underlying technologies and need to integrate as tightly as possible with those. This would include things like Gnome Print, Evolution, Nautilus, Gnome-pilotalikes, and other things of this order. A great effort must be made to foster goodwill and cooperation with these other projects, even if we differ on philosophies. And of course, we need to play nice with each other.

 o Public Presentation and Project Persona
We've seen efforts to work together on big announcements and the saw a not so small measure of success when we did so. More should be encouraged, preferably through a single mouthpiece. Efforts should be made to make *M*ajor releases together. The Office Suite should carry it's own versioning system independent of the releases in the suite, updated only when two or more members of the suite release major or minor bugfixes. And lastly, and possibly the hardest, consolidated look and feel. The buttons need to look and act similarly. e.g. The Save icon in Abiword should "Save As" if Gnumeric and Planner "Save As" instead of "Save." Skins should be as similar as possible. The Gnome HID should be followed where we haven't specified otherwise.

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