next GO release

On Sat, 2003-11-22 at 00:10, msevior physics unimelb edu au wrote:
> If we can keep to a 6-month time-based releases we can release updated
> versions of Gnome-Office in synch with the Gnome-desktop releases anyway.
> BTW I think there is still every chance AbiWord will have a decent 2.2
> release in about 4 months time. How are other apps tracking?
libgda and libgnomedb will have a 1.2 release at that time, with cool
features like updatable data models (ie, no more SQL needed). Mergeant
might be ready, but if it continues at the same pace it is now, I doubt
it'll be ready :-(

We should, apart from preparing the apps' releases, prepare a plan for
the next GO release. So, some questions we should answer:

* what happened to the plugin system we were talking about? Are app
maintainers willing to move to that shared plugin system?
* what other integration issues should we work on?
* Jody seems to be moving the graph engine to libgoffice, so that's
another shared thing that can somewhat be called integration, but, what
other things could be shared?

I think we should probably start having a detailed plan for each of the
6-months time-based releases.


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